A workspace in 中山
that feels like home
A warm and welcoming environment
where you can work on your own terms.

Our creative co-working space is designed for freelancers involved in art and tech field. Enjoy the comfort without the burden of long-term renting.
Option 1: Warm Area
Prefer to work on a table, coffee shop style?
You can work alone, come with friends or even also host a meeting ! Our warm area is a spacious table that seats up to 4 or 5 people.
Option 2: Creative Desk
Perfect for artists and illustrators, our creative desk is equipped with a device allowing you to use your phone to capture yourself drawing, making it easy to share your work on IG or TikTok.
Option 3: Focus Desk
For those who prefer to work in a quiet, focused environment, our focus desk provides the perfect space for coding or working solo.
Custom-made for art x tech people
Our co-working space offers a range of benefits designed for creative freelancers like you:
  • Flexible schedule
    You can come and go with our code key lock system. You just have to reserve your seat in advance and tell us!
  • Put your own playlist
    You can plug your phone with our portable speaker and enjoy the music of your choice.
  • Cat co-worker
    Our mascot office Huihui will give you some company, he loves humans and love cuddles.
  • Unlimited Tea
    We do provide some snacks, unlimited hot water and tea, and you can prepare your own coffee here.
Enjoy the comfort & flexibility of our offers.
one day
— Reserve your seat in advance
— Access from 9:30 to 18:30
Per day
4 days
— Same features but you're saving money
350 per day
10 days
— Same features but you're saving more !
— We can provide a small locker if needed
— Attend one of our upcoming events for free
300 per day
寧慧 & 灰揮
Co-Founder, Interaction Design & Artist
With 12 years of design experience, I collaborate with startups and video game studios to bring their vision to life. My maker's approach involves rapid prototyping and iterating based on feedback to create meaningful user experiences. My focus is on delivering information at the right moment, with a deep understanding of the user's context.
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三維以上 co-working
A 5-minute walk from 中山站, in the middle of a vibrant and active area in Taipei.
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